What is Homebrew DASH 3 ?

The Mega Man Legends series (Japanease name is Rock Man DASH which stands for DIGOUTER'S ADVENTURE STORY in HALCYON DAYS), first released by Capcom on December 18, 1997, unfortunately has been canceled. However, the fans weren't going give up their hopes that easily.

One of the Legends fans named kobun-No.0, wishing for the revival of the series, had started the Homebrew DASH 3 project.

Objectives of the Homebrew DASH 3 project
1.Make Unity generated minigames to carry out unofficial PR activity of the Megaman Legends series.
2.Making videos based on the images and animations from the demo version of Megaman Legends 3.
3.Our utmost and final target is to make Capcom bring back Megaman Legends 3.

Will there be more Legends fans in the future!?
Would we even be able to make a decent fan game!?

Don't miss it!

If we get warnings and disclaimers from Capcom Co., Ltd. or some other right holder , this project might be aborted.

Project Members

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Project Supporters



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